The Education Development Center (EDC) is a non-profit dedicated to the improvement of education, health, and economic opportunities for people of all ages. Blenderbox, a long time partner with EDC, was tasked with a complete redesign of EDC.org.

The previous version of EDC.org was difficult to navigate and didn't accurately communicate EDC's wide and diverse breadth of work. Because of this, EDC’s projects were center stage for the redesign. We gave the EDC team the flexibility to editorialize their case studies with rich photography, special content associations, and unique copy treatments.

The Team: Luis Queral (UX), Ben Paddock (Design), John Yates (PM), Teiler Kwan (PM), Sharpdot (Drupal Development)

Laying down a Foundation

As is common with most redesigns, we needed to understand both their exisiting content, in addition to content that they wish to add in the future.

Since it was determined early on that EDC's projects will be the centerpiece of the site, what might that do to the structure of the site?

We grouped all of EDC's "Projects" underneath of "Categories" of work. These categories live under the three broad sections of: "Our Work", "Our Services", and "Global Reach".

Each category under these sections would recieve their own landing page, which in turn, link to relevant projects (who also have unique landing pages).

The EDC team can continue adding new projects and associate them to existing or new categories, if necessary.

Projects & Categories

We designed for each EDC project and project category to have their own unique pages. Not only does this give the EDC team a nice canvas to discuss their work and project impact, but it also ended up helping with SEO.

The EDC team happened to have great photography, so these pages do a great job at showcasing photos from the field.

People and "Experts"

EDC.org allows for three different types of "People": Staff, Board Members, and Experts. Any of these types of people can be surfaced on category, project, and resource detail pages.

This was a part of the initial mission of creating an interconnected network of content rather than a static site.

Resource Library

In addition to building their main site, we also helped launch a robust resource repository.

This library was designed to house their project byproducts (eg. whitepapers, research), but will also promote resources related to the work EDC is doing (eg. websites, videos).

Project Takeaways

This was one of the more complicated sites that I worked on while with Blenderbox.

The number of different content associations, coupled with the scale of written content we were anticipating along with the CMS (Drupal) made this project particularly complex.

During this project, we needed refrain from over-complicating the structure of the site. Every additional content association brings a number of new items to test in QA along with time required by the EDC team to enter new projects and content. Being more mindful of developmental practicality while still delivering a powerful and robust marketing tool was a big takeaway.